Tree Thinning Services

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Keep Your Trees Healthy and Attractive With Professional Tree Thinning Services

If you’re looking for a way to improve the appearance of overgrown trees without removing them entirely, tree thinning may be an excellent solution. This process can thin out a tree’s undergrowth, creating a more attractive, healthy appearance.

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What Is Tree Thinning?

Tree thinning, also known as crown thinning, is the process of removing live branches from a tree to make it appear smaller. This service is an effective alternative to tree removal when a tree is still healthy and thriving.

Tree crown thinning is one of the most popular pruning techniques for mature tree species, as it can enhance the trees’ appearance and create more space between trees without affecting their durability or health.

Reasons to Schedule a Tree Thinning Service

Tree thinning can provide several benefits for your residential or commercial property. Here are a few reasons our customers choose to schedule tree services:

  • Enhance Curb Appeal

    Sometimes, our team performs tree thinning for aesthetic purposes. This process can improve the appearance of a large tree and enhance curb appeal without needing to remove trees entirely.

  • Remove Damage

    Tree thinning can effectively remove damaged branches after a storm or from insects and disease, creating a healthier appearance.

  • Improve Durability

    If your trees have previously experienced wind damage, tree thinning could make them more durable against future storms. Thinning the crown can allow more wind to pass through the branches with less resistance.

  • Enhance Light Penetration

    Tree thinning can also allow for more light penetration through the tree’s branches, ensuring that the tree receives the daily sunlight it needs to thrive.

  • Save the Tree From Removal

    Altogether, tree thinning could prevent your tree from needing a complete removal service, saving you money and prolonging the tree’s lifespan.


Professional Tree Services

Your tree removal company needs to remove the right branches from the tree to maintain its structure and health. Unfortunately, removing too many low branches could damage the bark tissue, weaken the branches, and cause the tree to deteriorate. Hiring a professional to perform your tree thinning services is essential.

At Bushman Tree Service Inc., we have 35 years of experience with tree thinning. We’d be happy to put our expertise to work to provide a safe, professional tree thinning job for your property.

Customer Reviews

Michelle G.

Bushman Tree Service did a great job removing a dead tree, an old stump, and demolished a dilapidated shed. It was a 2-day job. They were on time and worked fast. Would definitely work with them again.

Bri R.

We have used this company a few times and they have been quick, professional, clean, and overall a great job. Both my neighbors are hiring them after seeing their work on our house. We will be calling them again this summer for another tree that is slowly rotting. Highly recommend!

Ryan A.

Mark and his crew were professional and friendly. Clear communication and super fast quote! Crew was thoughtful to the surrounding landscape and even left some of the birch bark for our son to play with! Would recommend them to friends and family and hire them again!

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