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Professional Tree Removal For Homeowners and Business Owners

Every tree reaches the end of its life eventually. Whether you need to remove a dead tree from your property or simply want to clear more green space in your yard, our tree service company can provide the expert tree removal services you need. 

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Reasons to Remove Trees

You may want to remove trees on your property for several reasons. The most popular reasons for removing a tree include the following:

  • It is dead or unhealthy.

  • It has grown too close to your house, a building, utility lines, or other structures.

  • It has become damaged from strong winds or a storm.

  • It blocks a beautiful view.

  • It drops pollen, leaves, fruit, or sap onto the property.

If you’re unsure whether removing your tree is a good idea, we can help. We have 35 years of experience with tree removal services and maintenance, allowing us to provide expert advice and solutions for the trees on your property.

Our Tree Removal Process

We utilize safe, professional processes to remove trees on residential and commercial properties. Tree removal is no small task, as even short trees require workers to stand on ladders with dangerous machinery to reach the highest branches. As a result, we take our jobs very seriously and work hard to maintain a safe, compliant tree removal environment. 

When you hire our team for a tree removal service, we will follow these steps: 


Examine the tree and surrounding areas: First, we’ll examine the tree closely to determine its health and understand which direction it naturally leans. We’ll also survey the areas around the tree to ensure a safe, streamlined removal process. 


Clear any hazards: Next, we’ll prepare for the tree removal by clearing any hazards and creating plenty of space for the tree to lay on the ground.


Dismantle the tree in pieces: We’ll put our decades of experience to work to dismantle the tree in sections, safely lowering each piece to the ground.


Allow the tree to fall: After removing large branches, we’ll allow the remaining tree trunk to fall into the cleared area.


Clear debris: Finally, if requested, we’ll clear the tree and branches away.

We’d be happy to add a stump removal service to your tree removal to create a flat, natural appearance on your property.

Customer Reviews

Michelle G.

Bushman Tree Service did a great job removing a dead tree, an old stump, and demolished a dilapidated shed. It was a 2-day job. They were on time and worked fast. Would definitely work with them again.

Bri R.

We have used this company a few times and they have been quick, professional, clean, and overall a great job. Both my neighbors are hiring them after seeing their work on our house. We will be calling them again this summer for another tree that is slowly rotting. Highly recommend!

Ryan A.

Mark and his crew were professional and friendly. Clear communication and super fast quote! Crew was thoughtful to the surrounding landscape and even left some of the birch bark for our son to play with! Would recommend them to friends and family and hire them again!

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