Storm Damage Tree Cleanup Services

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Clear Storm Damage Quickly and Safely

Experiencing storm damage on your property can be stressful. If a storm recently knocked over trees around your home, you may need tree removal services to clean up the mess from storm damage.

At Bushman Tree Service Inc., we’d be happy to take the storm damage tree cleanup responsibility off your shoulders. We have the right equipment and skills to clear debris, branches, felled trees, and other elements after natural disasters. We can remove damaged trees and restore your property to a clean, tidy appearance in no time.

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What To Do When a Storm Damages Trees

We experience brutally strong windstorms in the Puget Sound area. If you’ve noticed tree branches, leaves, and tree debris throughout your property after a recent storm, you must take the proper steps to avoid hazards and clear the property safely. Here are the steps you should follow after a natural disaster damages trees on your property:

  • Look For Downed Power Lines

    Your first step should be to identify any downed power lines resulting from the tree damage. If a tree fell on a power line, it could create an electrocution and fire hazard. If you see any trees that have fallen on power lines, call 911. Emergency personnel can advise you on staying safe while waiting for the power company to turn off the electricity.

  • Watch out for Dangling Branches

    Once your property is cleared of electrical hazards, you should still be careful around any of the fallen or damaged trees. Even if a tree looks stable, its branches may be hanging on by a thread, ready to fall at any moment.

Storm cleanup companies like Bushman Tree Service are experienced with the challenges left by storms. We recommend calling our tree service company as soon as you notice tree damage on your property. Our storm damage cleanup team will come to your home or business as quickly as possible to survey the damage, eliminate any hazards, and clear the debris.

Why Hire a Professional Storm Damage Tree Cleanup Company?

You may consider attempting to clear the storm damage yourself. However, we highly recommend hiring a professional tree removal company instead. Here are a few essential reasons to hire professionals for this task:


Safety: Fallen and damaged trees present numerous hazards. Instead, you should leave tree clean-up to professionals who know how to avoid these risks. 


Time: Professional tree service companies have the tools and techniques necessary to streamline the clean-up, saving you time. 


Quality: Tree care companies have the right equipment to haul away large and small debris throughout your property, leaving behind no trace of the damage.

Customer Reviews

Michelle G.

Bushman Tree Service did a great job removing a dead tree, an old stump, and demolished a dilapidated shed. It was a 2-day job. They were on time and worked fast. Would definitely work with them again.

Bri R.

We have used this company a few times and they have been quick, professional, clean, and overall a great job. Both my neighbors are hiring them after seeing their work on our house. We will be calling them again this summer for another tree that is slowly rotting. Highly recommend!

Ryan A.

Mark and his crew were professional and friendly. Clear communication and super fast quote! Crew was thoughtful to the surrounding landscape and even left some of the birch bark for our son to play with! Would recommend them to friends and family and hire them again!

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