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Leave Your Trees to the Professionals

Renton’s proximity to Seattle and sizable population make it appear like an urban hub to outsiders. However, Renton residents know that the city is filled with beautiful scenery, natural attractions, and some of the best views in Washington.

If you’re a Renton homeowner or business owner, keeping up with the trees on your property is essential to match the city’s gorgeous landscape in your own backyard. Entrusting your tree care to professionals can help maintain healthy, attractive trees and greenery throughout your property.

At Bushman Tree Service Inc., we provide the expert Renton tree services that residents and commercial property owners need. Check out our reviews to see how we’ve helped your friends and neighbors maintain beautiful tree landscapes around their homes and businesses.

Tree Removal

Whether a tree on your property has come to the end of its life or you simply want to create more green space in your yard, hiring a professional tree removal company is essential. Attempting to cut down a tree yourself can be incredibly dangerous to you, your family, and your property.

However, our tree company has the skills, equipment, and experience necessary to remove trees correctly. We’ve been performing tree removal services throughout Renton since 1987 and have perfected the craft in that time.

Learn more about our team and the values we implement into every Renton tree service.

Tree Thinning & Pruning

Sometimes, removing an entire tree isn’t necessary to achieve the benefits you’re aiming for with your landscaping. Instead, thinning or pruning the trees on your property may be a better alternative that allows you to preserve the trees’ lives.


Tree thinning and pruning present several benefits, including:

  • Enhance your curb appeal
  • Prevent branches from falling on your home
  • Improve a tree’s health
  • Enhance sun penetration
  • Improve visibility out your window

Schedule a consultation with our Bushman Tree Service Inc. crew to determine whether tree thinning or pruning is the right move for your Renton property.

Stump Grinding

Many tree removal companies leave behind tree stumps for you to deal with down the line. However, these stumps can look unattractive on your property, attract pests, and even present hazards to visitors.

If you have any unsightly tree stumps on your Renton property, we’d be happy to remove them. We use specialized machinery to grind tree stumps and roots into mulch, leaving behind a flat, natural landscape.

Customer Reviews

Michelle G.

Bushman Tree Service did a great job removing a dead tree, an old stump, and demolished a dilapidated shed. It was a 2-day job. They were on time and worked fast. Would definitely work with them again.

Bri R.

We have used this company a few times and they have been quick, professional, clean, and overall a great job. Both my neighbors are hiring them after seeing their work on our house. We will be calling them again this summer for another tree that is slowly rotting. Highly recommend!

Ryan A.

Mark and his crew were professional and friendly. Clear communication and super fast quote! Crew was thoughtful to the surrounding landscape and even left some of the birch bark for our son to play with! Would recommend them to friends and family and hire them again!

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