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Expert Tree Planting Services

Planting trees isn’t as easy as it sounds. You must use the proper techniques and equipment to ensure that each tree thrives in its new location. You must also consider the placement of trees within the greater landscape and in relation to any buildings, homes, or businesses nearby.

As one of the top reforestation companies in Washington, we have what it takes to successfully reforest natural areas and restore life to barren landscapes. Contact our team at Bushman Tree Service today to learn more about our professional tree planting services.


What Is Reforestation?

Reforestation is the process of replanting trees in areas where they previously grew. Reforestation is typically necessary after natural disasters, such as fires, droughts, or storms, destroy forested regions. However, this process is also helpful in residential and commercial settings.

At Bushman Tree Service Inc., reforestation is part of our larger tree planting services. We offer reforestation for previously forested areas along with professional tree planting on residential and commercial properties.

Why Is Reforestation Important?

Reforestation is an important process in nature conservation. This process promotes numerous benefits for the environment:

  • Increasing soil fertility

  • Improving air quality and carbon dioxide levels

  • Promoting carbon sequestration

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • Limiting erosion and protecting water sources

  • Improving biodiversity of animal and tree species

As experts in tree care and maintenance, we’re well versed in the environmental importance of trees. We take pride in promoting the above benefits every day throughout our tree planting services. 

Benefits of Tree Planting on Residential and Commercial Properties

At Bushman Tree Service Inc., we also provide reforestation services for landscaping purposes. We’re committed to helping homeowners and business owners across King County achieve lush, diverse landscapes by planting healthy tree species throughout their properties. 

If you’re considering how to improve your landscape, reforestation could be an excellent option to consider. Planting trees can provide several benefits for your property:


Enhance curb appeal


Increase property value


Provide shade to promote a more comfortable outdoor space


Cool your property and allow you to conserve energy

Our team uses the best equipment and techniques in the industry to plant trees for our residential and commercial customers. We always keep safety as the top priority throughout our reforestation services, allowing you to feel confident in our processes. 

Customer Reviews

Michelle G.

Bushman Tree Service did a great job removing a dead tree, an old stump, and demolished a dilapidated shed. It was a 2-day job. They were on time and worked fast. Would definitely work with them again.

Bri R.

We have used this company a few times and they have been quick, professional, clean, and overall a great job. Both my neighbors are hiring them after seeing their work on our house. We will be calling them again this summer for another tree that is slowly rotting. Highly recommend!

Ryan A.

Mark and his crew were professional and friendly. Clear communication and super fast quote! Crew was thoughtful to the surrounding landscape and even left some of the birch bark for our son to play with! Would recommend them to friends and family and hire them again!

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